Merck-Wellcome trust JV spillovers

Merck's joint venture with the Wellcome trust to develop vaccines for the developing and less-developed world is a potentially pathbreaking solution to address the needs of these constituencies. But apart from the vaccines that this joint venture will hopefully help bring to market at affordable prices, it also has other benefits. One, the JV is … Continue reading Merck-Wellcome trust JV spillovers


The return of ‘base business’

The last few weeks (or is it months?) there's been lots of references to 'the base business.'  For some years in the early part of this decade, everyone - generics companies and their followers in the form of analysts and the media - was riveted by the western generics markets -the billions of dollars worth of … Continue reading The return of ‘base business’

Generex’s Oral-lyn : What’s sauce for the goose..

Oral-lyn, the first buccal insulin - taken through the inner lining of the mouth - has been approved to be part of the US Food & Drug Administration's treatment investigational drug programme. This programme is meant to give early access to investigational drugs to patients who have life-threatening or serious medical conditions and have been … Continue reading Generex’s Oral-lyn : What’s sauce for the goose..

Second thoughts : Should the morning-after pill ads be pulled off air?

The single dose emergency contraceptive pill levonorgestrel has been controversial all around the world. In July, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority allowed its first such ad - of Bayer Schering's Levonelle - to go on air after reviewing 112 complaints that it encourages promiscuity among young people.  You can see the ad here. The pill, … Continue reading Second thoughts : Should the morning-after pill ads be pulled off air?

Post-marketing surveillance : Does anyone know?

A recent study by Booz Allen Hamilton in the US finds that drug companies are mostly meeting their post-marketing surveillance (PMS) obligations in the US.  Dow Jones Newswires reports that 80 per cent of the PMS studies that Booz reviewed were either meeting their deadlines, were submitted to the FDA for review, or were already … Continue reading Post-marketing surveillance : Does anyone know?

Merind : Will the wheel turn full circle?

The French have an adage - 'plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.'  The more things change, the more they remain the same.  I can't help wondering whether that is going to happen to Wockhardt's pharma division Merind. This was the vehicle through which US-based Merck & Co., used to operate in India till … Continue reading Merind : Will the wheel turn full circle?

Made-in-India medical devices

Bangalore-based MediVed is further proof that there is activity around medical devices in Indian companies. MediVed is just three years old and is currently focused on pacemakers and ICDs. Its first products are just rolling out of its factory in Bangalore, so I suppose its early to judge how they will fare. But it appears … Continue reading Made-in-India medical devices