India’s patented diabetes drugs : proof of the pudding

For a while it was beginning to look as if you couldn't patent a drug in India without being opposed tooth and nail by local companies or non-profits (with good reason in a number of cases).  Some innovators complained of the Indian patent law being too pro-generics. Others said - and Apothecurry agrees - that parts of India's … Continue reading India’s patented diabetes drugs : proof of the pudding


The media and clinical trials

The Drug Information Association (DIA) recently had a webinar with international participants on the ethical issues arising around clinical trials in individuals with reduced autonomy (like children, very sick people incapable of taking decisions, the mentally ill, prisoners etc). One of the subjects discussed was the media's role in clinical trials. One participant wanted to … Continue reading The media and clinical trials

Why no big-bang Indian pharma mergers?

Yes, this is an obvious question.   I've decided to ask it. The global pharmaceutical market is consolidating rapidly. Indian generics companies are struggling for scale and their new drug discovery ambitions have for the most part run up against a wall.  A good number have ageing promoters with the second (or third) generation having little … Continue reading Why no big-bang Indian pharma mergers?