Cervical cancer vaccine : do your homework

In recent months, I've had three mothers wonder aloud whether they should give their young daughters the cervical cancer shots.  Our discussions brought alive the very real dilemma that the highly-visible launch of these products has triggered among parents. Probably, even more than the usual so-called 'optional' vaccines against pneumonia or chicken pox. The first was a dentist with … Continue reading Cervical cancer vaccine : do your homework


Counterfeit drugs : Europe vs India?

The EU's industry commissioner says trade in counterfeit medicines in the Union has exceeded its worst fears, according to German daily Die Welt. "The number of counterfeit medicines arriving in Europe ... is constantly growing. The European Commission is extremely worried," the commissioner, Gunter Verheugen, said yesterday.  34 million tablets have been seized in 2 months from … Continue reading Counterfeit drugs : Europe vs India?