New iPhone/iPod fitness app Fitaide

A friend has just launched Fitaide a new ‘fun’ iPhone/iPod fitness app that I thought all you fitness freaks (but possibly more so the laggards) may want to know about.  Since I’m not such a tech/fitness afficionado myself here it is in his own words. Caveat : I’m no iPhone user so this is not an endorsement, just FYI (and of course am helping out my friend).

“Fitaide was submitted to the iTunes app store last week and is now available for download. Fitaide uses the 3D Motion Sensor on the iPhone / iPod Touch to measure exercise intensity (% VO2Max) and calorie expenditure as you move – to help you find fun and effective ways to stay active, burn calories and integrate fitness into your lifestyle.”

You can down load the app here
You can also become a fan on facebook  here and follow on twitter here
Happy jogging or whatever else.. am going to catch my siesta!


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