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Guest column : The Ranbaxy fraud has revived the “counterfeits” debate. It shouldn’t.

28 Jun

In a strongly-worded opinion column for The Indian Express on the Ranbaxy fraud published last week, Amir Attaran of the University of Ottawa rightly calls on the Indian government to do more to ensure that drugs produced in India are safe and effective.

But Attaran is wrong is when he uses references to the fraud and to India’s shortcomings in drug safety improvement as a rhetorical device to delegitimize arguments that the Indian government has advanced to oppose global anti-counterfeit initiatives.

Rather than addressing these arguments, Attaran slams the Indian government’s position as “foiling global efforts to improve medicine quality,” and accuses it of “cynical diplomacy” meant to “shelter India’s pharmaceutical industry from outside scrutiny.” Continue reading

Guest column : Can Indian generics move from blockbusters to biologics?

20 Jun

For generic dug manufacturers in India and elsewhere the number of blockbuster drugs that have recently come off patent has been a bonanza. But the product mix coming off patent over the next three years is dramatically different to the small molecule blockbuster drugs that dominated patent expirations in 2012. This presents a problem for them. Continue reading

Guest column : Ponzi schemes in Indian pharma sales a real problem

17 Jun

Last week, a PharmaAsia News story reported sales malpractices at Mumbai-based drug maker Novartis India.

The article, which told of how representatives for Novartis’ market-leading diabetes treatment Galvus had fudged distributor receipts and bought back stock using their cash incentives to meet sales targets, may have shocked some.

But when MedicinMan posted this article on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, it drew no surprise at all from pharmaceutical executives at all levels. Continue reading

Guest column : Is Indian Pharma’s spectacular growth Bonanza or Bubble?

12 Jun

Indian pharmaceutical companies’ profits have grown hugely in recent years. Contrary to claims that India’s robust generics industry is driven by being ‘the drug store for the developing world’, overwhelmingly the growth of the industry is from sales to established country markets in the US and Europe. But predictions for continued growth may prove to be optimistic. Continue reading

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