Praise for Apothecurry in MedicinMan

Apothecurry finds mention in the pages of the July issue of MedicinMan, the drug industry’s go-to mag on field force excellence, as one of two best Indian pharma-focused blogs. “Apothecurry is easily one of the best blogs on current issues pertaining to Indian pharma,” the magazine says. “Up-to-date and crisp, Apothecurry gives you the news behind the news,”  it adds. run by pharma marketing professional Subba Rao Chaganti is the other blog that finds mention.

Thank you MedicinMan and all of this blog’s supporters. Keep the faith.

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12 thoughts on “Praise for Apothecurry in MedicinMan

  1. Congratulations Gauri for being on top of the pack !!! You always had it in you.. And I am so happy for you that you have done it on your own!

    Best regards

    Ranjit Shahani


  2. Delighted to hear that Gauri. Heartiest congratulations and wish you many more feathers in your cap…..rgds….krishnan


  3. Congrates Gauri! Keep up the good work. We need people like you to bring transparent information on healthcare issues.


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