The ban on fixed dose combinations : Quick take #FDCban

I’ve been quite vocal in my views about the ban on fixed dose combinations on Twitter. So here’s a selection of my key tweets (and some retweets) on the subject. Good way to get a quick summary of the subject while I hem and haw over a longer article (if it ever gets written).  Latest tweets on top.


One thought on “The ban on fixed dose combinations : Quick take #FDCban

  1. India has perhaps one of the largest portfolio of FDC in the world. The issue is – are FDC synonymous with irrational and against patient interest? In my view some of these FDC were an outcome of traditional Indian Jugaad and innovation and as per clinical need. We tend to judge these FDC from western yardstick – but the West has different reseons for restricting FDC – they see them as product lifestyle extension opportunities so they ” time ” them as per commercial viability etc. This does not take away the need to be discerning and ensure that only rational combinations continue. So no need to go on a witch hunt – let’s just keep the patients safety uppermost in this context


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