Start-up interest gives boost to development of #point-of-care solutions #medtech

The pandemic has underscored the need for rapid, accurate and affordable screening and diagnostic tools that are as close to the patient as possible. In the latest issue of Shaastra, I have profiled a clutch of companies that are using a wide range of technologies to come up with solutions. You can read the story here. India definitely needs local solutions. The traditional model of importing high-cost western technology has shown itself for what it is : an expensive, inefficient model that caters to a relatively small private market. Then, for a slew of tests, the mode of fulfillment – through well-capitalised, central/referral labs – also has its limitations as was amply demonstrated during the pandemic. RT-PCR testing for Covid-19 was marked by long wait times for testing and results, a shortage of trained staff and consumables thus constraining efforts to curb spread.

This story looks at companies trying to tackle both kinds of challenges – of the need for local solutions and of bridging the distance between the testing and the patient – at once, and for a range of diseases.. Diagnostics has been an area of under-investment for India but the worm is now turning. The question is how quickly and efficiently it does so.


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