Editorial Policy

From time to time, Apothecurry invites/accepts contributions from guest writers -usually experts or experienced hands in the field – since there is almost always more than one considered opinion on any important issue. The aim of these guest posts is to make the overall content richer and, hopefully, to provoke you into thinking harder about the subject even if you disagree with the analysis.  Apothecurry does not necessarily subscribe to the views of its guest writers.

Pic sourced from Haggardandhalloo.com


One thought on “Editorial Policy

  1. Ms. Gauri Kamath,

    Have been following your writings both in print & your blogs on Pharma & Healthcare. You are easily one of the superior contributors in this area.

    One of the areas, I would like you to cover is the Pharma-Doctor nexus. This is a huge menace in our society & people like you should take the lead in this.

    Do let me know your views in it.



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