India and drug #patents : The Ghost of #Glivec haunts #Sovaldi

Dr Kristina LybeckerApothecurry welcomes back guest columnist Dr Kristina Lybecker. Her latest column is an elegantly simple “where the rubber hits the road” exposition of the recent rejection of patents on US biopharma company Gilead’s Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi in India. Coincidentally, Gilead’s European patent on Sovaldi was challenged yesterday by charity Medicins du Monde marking yet another interesting turn of events in this breakthrough drug’s eventful life. Read on as Dr Lybecker explains how the Indian Patent Office’s decision rather than aiding clarity in the understanding of India’s patent rules has only muddied the waters. Continue reading “India and drug #patents : The Ghost of #Glivec haunts #Sovaldi”

Guest column : Is “evergreening” of drug patents all bad?

A recent article in Health Affairs considers how secondary patenting can extend market exclusivity and delay generic competition.  Amin and Kesselheim examine two key anti-HIV drugs Norvir and Kaletra.

Through the analysis of 108 patents, they find generic competition could be delayed for an additional twelve years beyond the expiration of the patents on the drugs’ base compounds.  Continue reading “Guest column : Is “evergreening” of drug patents all bad?”