Drug trials : India’s crisis of confidence

Reuters reports that in the last decade fewer children are dying of leukemia most likely due to advances in new drug combinations. However, infants are still getting a more aggressive form of the disease as a result of which survival rates are lower than those for young children and adolescents. In spite of the strides … Continue reading Drug trials : India’s crisis of confidence


Pfizer’s Nigerian nightmare. Or is it the other way around?

Children who participated in an allegedly botched Pfizer drug trial in Nigeria in 1996 may still have their day in an American court. The US Supreme Court has refused to block a suit brought against Pfizer by their families. The plaintiffs contend that Pfizer tested its experimental antibiotic Trovan during a meningitis epidemic in Nigeria without following due process … Continue reading Pfizer’s Nigerian nightmare. Or is it the other way around?

The media and clinical trials

The Drug Information Association (DIA) recently had a webinar with international participants on the ethical issues arising around clinical trials in individuals with reduced autonomy (like children, very sick people incapable of taking decisions, the mentally ill, prisoners etc). One of the subjects discussed was the media's role in clinical trials. One participant wanted to … Continue reading The media and clinical trials