Enough said, it’s time to act : my article in PICR

Late last year, I submitted an article to the journal Perspectives in Clinical Research (PICR), brought out by the Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR). This issue of PICR is titled “Ethics in Clinical Research” with contributions from bioethicians, patient advocates, trial sponsors and investigators, among others. The publishers informed me yesterday that the issue is out.  Here’s a link to the article.

Drug trials : India’s crisis of confidence

Reuters reports that in the last decade fewer children are dying of leukemia most likely due to advances in new drug combinations. However, infants are still getting a more aggressive form of the disease as a result of which survival rates are lower than those for young children and adolescents.

In spite of the strides made in medicine and supportive care, most would agree that the quest for new treatments for intractable medical problems such as childhood leukemia has to continue, even accelerate.

But in recent years, it appears that a crucial part of this process- the  testing of these new treatments on human subjects to prove their safety and efficacy – is experiencing a serious crisis of confidence in India. Continue reading “Drug trials : India’s crisis of confidence”