Catch it young : Efforts to improve early diagnosis of cancer in India

Here’s a proactive measure to address a big problem in cancer treatment in India – cancer detected too late to be cured.  The ministry of health is collaborating with PromOTE India, a non-profit initiative, to take practical oncology training and education to hundreds of medical colleges all over the country. Continue reading “Catch it young : Efforts to improve early diagnosis of cancer in India”

Roche’s Emcure deal – thumbs up for market economics?

My colleague Vikas Dandekar of Pharmasianews reports on a potentially pathbreaking event. Swiss drug maker Roche has struck a manufacturing deal with Pune’s Emcure to produce some portion of its blockbuster biologic Herceptin for breast cancer and Pegasys for hepatitis B and C in India for India.

Of course, it doesn’t look as if Emcure is going to start manufacturing the products from the cell culture stage – the story quotes a senior Roche executive referring to “late-stage” manufacturing. Don’t know exactly what that entails. This executive talks of “substantial” price adjustments that could take place as a result.  Assuming its a deep engagement,  the news is pretty exciting. Here’s why. Continue reading “Roche’s Emcure deal – thumbs up for market economics?”