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India’s report on patented drug pricing : on unsure ground

4 Mar

Last week saw the release of a draft of the Report of the Committee on Price Negotiation for Patented Drugs. Yet, far from inspiring confidence in India’s ability to get a good deal for its patients, it strikes a note of  pessimism that belies the leverage that a strong generics industry and a vast and growing market puts in the hand of the government. Besides, it makes half-baked observations not rooted sufficiently in numbers and is vague enough to be read to mean different things. Continue reading

India & drug pricing : Can key word in policy influence impact?

4 Dec

Could a single word in the new drug pricing policy mitigate the extent of its impact on the pharma industry’s profitability or is this mere wishful thinking?  A senior industry source claimed to Apothecurry that the choice of Continue reading

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