Apollo Hospitals’ takeover of Nova Specialty : what it means #indiahealth

Earlier this month, Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited (AHLL), owned by the Chennai-based Apollo Hospitals group, acquired Nova Specialty Hospitals, a chain of short-stay surgery hospitals, from Nova Medical Centres. The deal piqued my interest for more than one reason. I spoke to Neeraj Garg, CEO, of AHLL, and Mahesh Reddy, co-founder and director of Nova Medical Centres about the deal. Here’s the takeaway. Continue reading “Apollo Hospitals’ takeover of Nova Specialty : what it means #indiahealth”

Does India need a “TripAdvisor” for healthcare?

Early last year, when I finally threw in the towel at my workplace quite a few well-meaning (and possibly alarmed) persons in my circle of family, friends and professional contacts began thinking of ways to keep me gainfully employed.

One such person was my other half. My husband is one of those creative geniuses who always has more ideas than either resources or people to execute them.  Still, that does not dissuade him from “ideating” at all and sundry.  One day, he looked at me vegetating on the sofa- quite happily, I might add – and snapped his fingers. “I know what you should do,” he said quite decisively. “Start a TripAdvisor for healthcare.” Continue reading “Does India need a “TripAdvisor” for healthcare?”

Who’s treating you? New data shows extent of non-MBBS docs practising allopathy in India

We already knew it was happening. Now there’s data to show us how pervasive it is.

A large-scale physician and chemist census across India’s top 120 cities and towns by Mumbai-based market research and consultancy firm IMS Health has found that non-M.B.B.S doctors i.e. doctors who don’t hold a degree in medicine accounted for 16 per cent of the total doctor universe that practices allopathy or modern medicine.

These doctors are qualified in alternative systems of medicine such as Ayurveda and Homeopathy but 40 per cent or more of their prescriptions are made up of allopathic drugs such as antiobiotics and painkillers.  The census covered over 3,73,000 doctors across the country.

The findings highlight, once again, the need for proactive policy-making to effectively harness and regulate this workforce to shore up the quality and availability of healthcare delivery in under-served areas.

Continue reading “Who’s treating you? New data shows extent of non-MBBS docs practising allopathy in India”

Catch it young : Efforts to improve early diagnosis of cancer in India

Here’s a proactive measure to address a big problem in cancer treatment in India – cancer detected too late to be cured.  The ministry of health is collaborating with PromOTE India, a non-profit initiative, to take practical oncology training and education to hundreds of medical colleges all over the country. Continue reading “Catch it young : Efforts to improve early diagnosis of cancer in India”