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India #Pharma 2014 : A quick look back. Part Three #pricing #nppa

19 Dec

The holiday season approaches, so here’s a quick look at the year that was for Indian Pharma, before we disappear into a haze of year-end festivities. It’s a mixed bag (what year isn’t?) including stuff that could influence the way things work in the years ahead. For convenience, I’ve divided up what I think are key developments into posts rather than stick to any specific chronology of events. The first post was on the regulation of Indian manufacturing and the second on clinical trials and pharmacovigilance. This one is about drug pricing. Continue reading

India & drug pricing : Can key word in policy influence impact?

4 Dec

Could a single word in the new drug pricing policy mitigate the extent of its impact on the pharma industry’s profitability or is this mere wishful thinking?  A senior industry source claimed to Apothecurry that the choice of Continue reading

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